I Never Fake It

Purple copy


Is purple my favorite color.  No, but if you have noticed, I do wear it quite a bit.  Why?  I’m not sure, but lately I’ve been hearing that people think my videos are the closest to real sex that they’ve seen on the web.  Someone suggested that it is about the color purple.  I laughed at that suggestion.  Well that is because it is real sex.  Nothing orchestrated or scripted.  In fact it is real passion.  I cannot have sex with someone unless I’ve gotten the chance to spend some time with them first.  That is why I’d make a bad professional porn star.  Everything I do has real emotion and passion.  But just in case, I am wearing purple again for you this week.

I never do things half way.  I must put every ounce of effort into all that I do.  So that is why I have lots of footage that you have never seen.  I just don’t fake it.  That is right, I don’t fake orgasms!  Click Here to See Me in Full Passion!