The Naughty Wedding Crasher


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Ha! I fooled you didn’t I? No I am not getting married this summer. I am once again ready to be a bridesmaid. What does that mean? It means again I have to buy a bridesmaid dress that matches 4 other women at the wedding. It also means it will likely be an ugly thing that I will wear once and never again. Well I just got it in the mail and it doesn’t look too bad. I might even wear it a few times. Who knows, I might even turn a few heads! I might even be able to make the groom have second thoughts! I’m not supposed to overshadow the bride on her big day, but if he’s going to cheat on my friend, I will find out!

Let’s face it. All weddings are a little bit boring. That is unless the best man makes a drunken toast, the father of the bride objects to the matrimony, the ring boy loses the rings, or the bridesmaid flashes a little booty or booby. Never seen that happen? Well you have your invitation. Click here to RSVP. I promise you that you and I can share a piece of the cake together!

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