Frisky Friday Thoughts & @XXXTaylorann

Can’t believe it is Friday already.  I do love being in my business especially on Fridays as the Financial markets close early and we can leave in the early afternoon.  Quite frankly in California most investment professionals leave early on Fridays anyway which does challenge my Midwestern hard work programming.  Oh well, though with the weather as incredible as it is, who doesn’t want to get out there and enjoy themselves?

I hope everyone is prepared for a great weekend.  Yes, it is true that I usually spend my weekends with my black boyfriend.  I saw this episode today that everyone needs date night and I get mine.  In fact though, it is that time of the month and thus I can’t go. Uggggggh!!   I mean I could and sometimes do, but I am also terribly busy and need to be the domestic Rebecca that I am.

I am also getting ready for July 4th next weekend.  That probably also explains why the office was quiet as many are taking next week off.  I’ll definitely be roasting someone’s hot dog next weekend for sure.

So I wrote that on Twitter that I get horny on Fridays!  I’m so used to my normal Friday date nights where I get my fill, but since I’m out of commission (yes I’m fertile) I was watching my girlfriend Taylor Ann and her latest videos!  I am so jealous!  She is sleeping with all the guys that I want to sleep with! Moe, Lex and even Nina Hartley!

It seems like just yesterday I helped her get in with Dreamnet.  I’m so proud of her!