Fireworks and Star Spangled Spectacular Update & Sale

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I was originally going to wear this bikini to celebrate the US run in the World Cup, but they got eliminated yesterday. !  Does that mean I am a soccer mom?  LOL!
Fortunately I have another reason to wear the Stars and Stripes. So what it does mean is that I am still going to remain patriotic for July 4th!   I’m going to be proud and wear the Red White and Blue for you this coming weekend for the US Independence Day.  Yes, I will be the All American Girl for you guys out there.  Oh, and you get to see me in more of my new white heels!  The American chant during the World Cup was “I Believe”.  Do you Believe?  Do you believe in Rebecca?   I want to see and hear it!  Send me your patriotic tributes.  July 4th is all about the hot dog!  Let me see what kind of condiments you like on your hot dogs!
Didn’t like my bikini update from last week?  Well maybe I’ll just wear my country’s colors on the beach instead!  I will be the All American Girl, but for those of you who were not fans of America in the World Cup and say ‘F#$% America”, well I will just let you bend me over and take it for my country!  HA-HA.   Of course I am kidding! America the Beautiful, America the Home of the Brave, etc.  Seriously!  Let’s celebrate!  Gimme your hot dogs, your ice cream and let’s have some fun! Come on and “Celebrate with me by CLICKING HERE”
We’re Having a SALE!!!!!
So Dreamnet has decided that it is time to give our loyal followers a little break for all of your support.  Now when you SIGN UP OR RENEW for my site and you plan to stay with me for a bit, you will be rewarded.  See, your commitment to me and and Dreamnet does have rewards…  Below is a breakdown of the new benefit.

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There is also a three month recurring option:  $54.95 for the first billing and then on the next 3 month billing it will reduce to $44.95.  It will rebill at $44.95 every three months there after as long as you are a loyal member to my site.. CLICK HERE for the new rates and renew now.

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