Rebecca Has Room, Want to Join?


My boyfriend was sick and my hubby was out of town so I was all alone talking with my online girlfriend about the business and how she wants to get into shooting naked on the web. We started talking and she said maybe for the first time she can shoot with someone else and preferably another woman like me. She suggested that maybe we could do a double dildo scene like I did with Christina Noir where we got the whole thing inside of us until we were touching pussies. I was alone and oh so horny. It got me thinking. Where was that dildo! I needed it!

Never ever let your wife or girlfriend be alone or horny! It is a travesty. I hope my girlfriend reads and sees this so she knows what kind of state she put me in! You know when you have an itch that you just need to scratch? Well my itch was way back there and I needed another person around to help get on the other end of my dildo. I didn’t take all 20 inches, but I took the majority. LOL! CLICK HERE if you want to see exactly how much was left for you!


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