You Can Have a Piece, But Please Don’t Take a Bite

Pieces copy

Last week an amateur adult review site rated my rear end the 3rd best on the Web! Wow, I am flattered. When I told my lover, he lifted my skirt and said, “Yep”. He then laughed and gave it a big slap! He then started walking around with a big smile on his face. I looked and him and asked what was so funny. He then told me that he owned one of the best amateur booties around. I told him I am not an asset to be owned. He chuckled and told me I could believe whatever I wanted, but that my ass and everything attached to it belonged to him. I told him that if he owned it, that he better treat it nice and take out some insurance!

So what do you think? Does he own my ass? My boyfriend laughed when I told him he needed to take some insurance. He grabbed his camera and started taking pictures and telling me that he needed pictures of it to get it insured in case it got scratched or dented! Well maybe some of you out there want a piece of the action too! The review site said I need to show my A$$ETS more, so here you go! I’ll also tell you more about it! CLICK HERE if you want to own a piece of me!