I’m Bringing Booty Back

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Have you noticed all the songs lately about a woman’s derriere? It is like people are so infatuated with it. Maybe it goes back to that guy K.C. who wanted us all to shake, shake, shake, it. And now this country glamour girl wants you to shake it off! Are there no more songs about the upper torso like being built like a bad mamma jamma. Maybe it is just now that the back side is really coming into favor! I am dead serious. In fact, last week I had an incident where a woman in my office was complaining because one of the guys in the office was humming in his cubicle a new song about a woman’s back side and this employee thought it was offensive and wanted to know if I could stop it! What was I to do? I wanted to be like that new movie from the #1 Best Seller and bend over the desk and let him spank mine!

So I did call him into my office. I told him I had an HR issue as I heard him humming a song recently and I wanted to know if he could sing the words to me!! When he got to the part about “Bringing Booty Back”, I laughed and asked him if it had ever gone! We cracked up and I told him he should probably stop singing that song at work. He told me yes if I hum the song about the Giant anaconda! LOL! CLICK HERE if you think you know the song he was humming and know of any more! At the end is a task. The employee that gets it most right will win a prize.