Reunited And It Felt So Good


Well I told you this was coming although I really never thought it would! People have been asking for years to see me with the Knight again. We went viral back then and when people asked me why our videos were so great, I really couldn’t pick anything out. Then my fans started telling me that it was about how authentic and real it all was. It really was. There was that first meeting in our hotel, then a meeting for a whole 2 days at our weekend house and then a follow up visit by him to California. It all came back to me how well we worked together. It wasn’t any one thing, it was the chemistry we had. In a way, that is what was different. Real porn doesn’t have chemistry, but we do. In the back of my mind that is probably why it took so long. I knew I had feelings for him that I couldn’t control. So this time my husband didn’t tell me until a couple days before. He just told me we were going out to dinner. Then when it came time I told him dinner was it. Well as my husband says, I just can’t help myself.

Like high school sweethearts being back in each other’s arms was so easy! It was like we never left. Like I said, I never intended to do anything more than have dinner. But as dinner moved on it became clear we were going back to his room and he had all the equipment and lights ready. I told him we were going to be safe and use a condom too, but somewhere along the way that was not going to happen. We stayed up all night long. Watch this first scene as he gets me hot and ready. You want to watch real interracial cheating HOT romance? CLICK HERE!

Beware Rebecca, The Black Widow!


Hey there you Halloweenies! Well I was looking around and couldn’t find a good costume for Halloween this year. And a member was going to send me one, but it doesn’t look like his package is going to arrive on time. I mean costumes are fun, but I’ve never really gotten into the mode of buying a sexy costume when it is going to come off pretty quick anyway. Besides they are usually hot and uncomfortable. Besides, what costume is hotter than just being a hot sexy wife, right? So let’s get down to some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween! Since my next update is actually the day before Halloween, I thought I’d show off a a little bit earlier. In case you want to get a costume that matches mine, you can find something good. What am I wearing for my real costume in public? You’ll have to come inside and find out. Then let’s see if you can find me on the streets! Are you a werewolf? Come inside and let me see if I can make you howl at the moon! CLICK HERE!


Rebecca’s Dating Quiz – Will You Pass?


Isn’t life full of conundrums? We are about to come upon more of life’s decisions in a few weeks when the elections come for voting. Well I am here to help you to practice making decisions!! We’ll start with some of life’s easy questions and then get to brass tacks with the harder ones! Do any of you out there need help making those difficult questions? I’m pretty good at analysis and then helping people make them. In fact, if you were to go on a date with me, I’d play 20 questions to learn about you. Can you handle that? Are you up to the test? Well good, let’s see if you pass.

Yes, I am here to be your gal pal. I mean if you want to be my friend and know what I’d do or choose then tell me what your answer to some of life’s most difficult questions. I want you to go through these questions and let me know what you choose! I want to hear from my true fans as to what your responses will be. When I gather all the responses I will post the majority response to each question. So CLICK HERE and make sure you answer them all and send me your responses. I will post the answer percentage next week on my blog!


Please welcome My Assistant, Ms. Taylor Upton


It isn’t often that I take a Wednesday off (The last time I think I introduced you to Milan) , but this week I thought I’d give you a change of pace and introduce you to my temporary assistant, Taylor Upton. Taylor and her husband Billy Joe just moved from Michigan to California and I took the chance to introduce them to Dreamnet. At first they seemed skeptical, but we think she might be a great addition. My husband thinks she’s an All-American cutie and in fact has been spending every waking hour trying to get in her pants! To be honest she is a temporary employee only because I cannot have my husband sleeping with one of my employees. Talk about your office politics!

Well It turns out my husband couldn’t wait to take advantage of this young naïve girl. Who could blame him, right? So while Taylor is getting her site built by Dreamnet, my husband has been stalking her! The other day when she went out to get us some coffee, he intercepted her and seduced her back to her place where he promised he could take a few test shots of her naked for Dreamnet. Well as a result,she was late for work and my husband had a smile that lasted for days!

CLICK HERE if you want to see Taylor’s first nude set on the Web right here on the pages of Then send her an email to let her know that you are looking forward to seeing her week after week when her site goes live.

Note From Rebecca’s Husband – Holy Cow. This girl is so hot. Very honored to have had the opportunity to be the first guy other than her husband to see her naked. Did I do more? I’ll never tell. You’ll have to see for yourself. She might be an All –American cutie but I think she’s an international beauty.


Behind the Scenes Video – Its Afternoon Delight to the End


For those of you who are fans of my bigger movies on Dreamnet Clips ( , and especially those who are fans of the clip titled Afternoon Delight, you will be pleased to know that we found the tape that had the end of the encounter. That was the epic video where he bent me over the bed and ate me until I squirted all down my legs, but it ended suddenly before the end because I thought my husband turned off the camera when he left us alone.

We are doing some house remodeling and found the lost tape at the back of a drawer in the wrong case. I originally thought it was a 30 minute tape but it was an hour long! Afternoon Delight had started when my husband was in the room, but I didn’t realize that we left the camera rolling after he left. This video contains a few minutes from the Afternoon Delight video and continues from there.

My old lover and I had decided to go for some daytime loving after work as we normally do. This video picks up where the last one left off. Without my husband in the room, my lover filled two of my holes. First he leaves me some nice pre-cum in my pussy and then after wiping off the mess I created via my squirting all over his face, he gives me an afternoon power milkshake that I gulp down with pleasure. Listen to him grunt as he explodes into my mouth and shoves my mouth into his balls. I love making a man grunt like a MANimal.

Now for the best part. Let me take you behind the scenes. As there is no camera person to turn it off, you get to watch us snuggle and have post-coital relations. This is not a professional shoot. We really are lovers who know each other on an intimate level, care for each other deeply and enjoy each other’s company. There are no bright lights, people standing around the bed, or actors quickly running off to the shower alone. I do hope you enjoy the real nature of this beautiful life that I get to live before your very eyes. CLICK HERE TO GO BEHIND THE SCENES