Please welcome My Assistant, Ms. Taylor Upton


It isn’t often that I take a Wednesday off (The last time I think I introduced you to Milan) , but this week I thought I’d give you a change of pace and introduce you to my temporary assistant, Taylor Upton. Taylor and her husband Billy Joe just moved from Michigan to California and I took the chance to introduce them to Dreamnet. At first they seemed skeptical, but we think she might be a great addition. My husband thinks she’s an All-American cutie and in fact has been spending every waking hour trying to get in her pants! To be honest she is a temporary employee only because I cannot have my husband sleeping with one of my employees. Talk about your office politics!

Well It turns out my husband couldn’t wait to take advantage of this young naïve girl. Who could blame him, right? So while Taylor is getting her site built by Dreamnet, my husband has been stalking her! The other day when she went out to get us some coffee, he intercepted her and seduced her back to her place where he promised he could take a few test shots of her naked for Dreamnet. Well as a result,she was late for work and my husband had a smile that lasted for days!

CLICK HERE if you want to see Taylor’s first nude set on the Web right here on the pages of Then send her an email to let her know that you are looking forward to seeing her week after week when her site goes live.

Note From Rebecca’s Husband – Holy Cow. This girl is so hot. Very honored to have had the opportunity to be the first guy other than her husband to see her naked. Did I do more? I’ll never tell. You’ll have to see for yourself. She might be an All –American cutie but I think she’s an international beauty.