Rebecca’s Dating Quiz – Will You Pass?


Isn’t life full of conundrums? We are about to come upon more of life’s decisions in a few weeks when the elections come for voting. Well I am here to help you to practice making decisions!! We’ll start with some of life’s easy questions and then get to brass tacks with the harder ones! Do any of you out there need help making those difficult questions? I’m pretty good at analysis and then helping people make them. In fact, if you were to go on a date with me, I’d play 20 questions to learn about you. Can you handle that? Are you up to the test? Well good, let’s see if you pass.

Yes, I am here to be your gal pal. I mean if you want to be my friend and know what I’d do or choose then tell me what your answer to some of life’s most difficult questions. I want you to go through these questions and let me know what you choose! I want to hear from my true fans as to what your responses will be. When I gather all the responses I will post the majority response to each question. So CLICK HERE and make sure you answer them all and send me your responses. I will post the answer percentage next week on my blog!


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