Rebecca’s got Your Black Friday Special


Can’t find something for that hard to get person?  Bah Humbug, screw them and get something for yourself!

Well Dreamnet’s annual Black Friday special is already under way!  Make sure to click on the banner above or follow the link below to join my website if you have never been a member or if you haven’t been a recent member.  You will be charged $9.95 for the current month and $19.95 for future months and gain access to me and 60 other women.


Happy Thanksgiving Update


Recently a blog that I interviewed with almost 8 years ago asked if they could ask me more questions to update my profile. I looked at the old responses and figured that I should update my answers and re-tell my story to everyone in case you all forgot who I am, why I’m here, what I like to do, what I don’t like to do. I do get lots of questions all the time that I assume people already know, so that is why I thought I’d take many of those questions, and provide you all with the short answers.

So you want to learn and know more about me? This is the update that should answer most of your questions. I have no secrets from my lovers and friends. It is amazing to see how much about me has changed since then and I am more than happy to let you get a peek under the sheets for you to learn about me a little more. CLICK HERE to hear some of my deepest darkest secrets!

Will You Be Rebecca’s November Valentine?


I know you are thinking why would she want to celebrate Valentine in November? Well first of all, the flowers and candy are cheaper. I don’t want people to benefit from the fact that someone sent me a Hallmark card! And besides, I tend to find myself hornier in the Holiday season when it is colder. I mean, you have to think that is why there are so many kids are born in the months of July and August! Nobody wants to be alone in a cold bed in November so that is why I think I tend to be more romantic this time of year.

It is that time of year again and you shouldn’t be alone. Well that’s good because I am here for you and hopefully you are here for me too! So help me start a new trend and celebrate Valentines in November. CLICK HERE and Join Me!

Getting a Little Messy Business Before Turning out the Lights


As I mentioned in Part 1 a couple weeks ago, I’m not a big fan of making love under the hot lights, so the Knight and I agreed to get our video done under the hot lights so that we could turn the lights off and relax in the embrace in the natural warmth of each other’s bodies. Those camera lights are so harsh anyway. I mean, when I closed my eyes to feel his tongue on my pussy and then looked into bright lights rather than his eyes and a camera in my face, I remembered why I prefer to remain an amateur adult artist. Making love to the Knight is so much better when the lights get turned down and everyone leaves us alone so that we can show each other how we feel about each other. Well before the lights went out he sure made a mess! The best part was how he started by unloading inside me and then squirting all over the outside of my pussy and on my front side. Did I mention he didn’t use a condom? I couldn’t believe how he seduced me again! Remember to see the movie of this pictorial, you need to CLICK HERE TO GO TO DREAMNET CLIPS

Catch these last photos before we turned off the lights. We really wanted people to see the difference between how my videos and pictorials look before and after the lights were turned off.  So enjoy this set because next month you better be ready for the next videos and photos because I think you will see how while the quality of the photos and videos might be a little darker, you will see how much more intense the love making will be. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MEMBER AREA!


Rebecca Shows Her Dynasty – Yes! Yes! Yes!


We all know that for over a decade Rebecca has been honoring the Web and her members with one of the most incredible asses on the Web. You might say that she has established herself as a dynasty when it comes to amateur models on the Web. So what better way to honor this year’s World Series Champions who are now a dynasty with the woman who is a dynasty of her own, Rebecca!! We all know Rebecca is a sports connoisseur and she even correctly predicted the eventual World Series champion. Most champions get a big parade but for Rebecca we give her a Champion’s jersey. For those of you who think baseball is boring, we think Rebecca can help change your mind. We’ve seen her in jerseys and hats of past champions, so this week we honor the winner of 3 of the last 5 World Series.

Hey guys! You know I really am a Cleveland fan, but I proudly am honoring this member who was the only member in my poll who not only picked the Giants to win the World Series, but asked that if they won if he could send me some items to wear. I forgot until he sent me a copy of the email where I agreed as long as he paid for it and wrote a bunch of captions for me. I have to admit, he did some good writing and I hope to bring sexy to baseball. CLICK HERE to put your bat on my balls! Also see my prediction about who I predict will win next year!

(Note: This update and MOST of the captions are written by a member who made an incredible prediction to me back in April. He donated for the right to send me the items worn in this pictorial and sent me many phrases and comments under the photos. Most opinions are not that of

Reunited: The Movie is Now available in the Dreamnet Clip Store


You often hear the stories of long lost lovers, two people who were made for each other, but for some reason, fate just gets in the way. Almost a decade ago Rebecca and the Knight crossed paths for two incredible encounters. Those scenes have become classics on the Web. If you’ve seen these videos, you will know that there is a chemistry between these two that can’t be duplicated. For some reason, life, work, distance, jealous lovers, or whatever, the two have had trouble getting back together.

You know they say that absence makes the cock grow stronger. The Knight happened to be in town for a convention and called Rebecca who somehow was available for dinner. Rebecca promised her husband that nothing was going to happen and if it did, she was going to make sure he used protection. As soon as the two met at the restaurant you could see the sparks fly. This was going to be much more than a dinner reunion. The two couldn’t keep their hands off each other and both admitted that they were nervous seeing each other again. It was like seeing your high school sweetheart and lover at a reunion.

When they got back to the room, the lights went on and both of them giggled like little kids. What you will see in this video is the initial session of the night. The cries of a woman who knows that she has been missing this man’s touch so much that her body shakes as his hands glide over her body. She then forgets what she said and takes his bare cock in her pussy as it pulls her inside out. And how do you know it is real? Listen to how wet Rebecca gets and then watch as she squirts all over his cock and then licks it off.

Did we mention this is just the first scene? This scene was done with full hot lights and both a videographer and Rebecca’s husband in the room. Both stars admitted that they were slightly nervous and wanted to spend some time alone. We know what you guys really want. In future scenes you will want to see what happens when first, the pro lights go off, then her husband leaves, and then the videographer leaves. Later that eve, Rebecca’s husband and the videographer were stuck wandering the hallways because you could hear Rebecca screaming in the room as the other people on the floor were looking around to hear what was going on.

Yes, these two are back together to show you how interracial amateur royalty look together. We won’t have to wait too long to see more from them.  GET IT HERE NOW