Getting a Little Messy Business Before Turning out the Lights


As I mentioned in Part 1 a couple weeks ago, I’m not a big fan of making love under the hot lights, so the Knight and I agreed to get our video done under the hot lights so that we could turn the lights off and relax in the embrace in the natural warmth of each other’s bodies. Those camera lights are so harsh anyway. I mean, when I closed my eyes to feel his tongue on my pussy and then looked into bright lights rather than his eyes and a camera in my face, I remembered why I prefer to remain an amateur adult artist. Making love to the Knight is so much better when the lights get turned down and everyone leaves us alone so that we can show each other how we feel about each other. Well before the lights went out he sure made a mess! The best part was how he started by unloading inside me and then squirting all over the outside of my pussy and on my front side. Did I mention he didn’t use a condom? I couldn’t believe how he seduced me again! Remember to see the movie of this pictorial, you need to CLICK HERE TO GO TO DREAMNET CLIPS

Catch these last photos before we turned off the lights. We really wanted people to see the difference between how my videos and pictorials look before and after the lights were turned off.  So enjoy this set because next month you better be ready for the next videos and photos because I think you will see how while the quality of the photos and videos might be a little darker, you will see how much more intense the love making will be. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MEMBER AREA!