It’s All About the Black and White Contrast

Black & White

Black & White

For those of you who have followed me for years, many of you probably know that I really like the classics. I prefer the fine arts and love black and white photography and the glamour days of Hollywood. My friend is a photojournalist and wanted to give you this special set of photos. Growing up in the Midwest I was always drawn to everything fancy that was in black and white. Tuxedos and black tie events were always attractive to me. In fact you might say I loved the contrast! I ended up translating that contrast of colors into the way I live life including my love life. Now do you get it? This week I’m trying something new. You see, interracial is not dirty or taboo in my mind. I think it is glamorous. My photographer and I have put some photos together to see if you agree that Black and White is the way to go.

They say opposites attract. In fact I think my alabaster skin tone looks so striking when I am with my lovers. The darker the skin, the greater the contrast! I just love interlocking our fingers in the morning and watching and his huge cock disappears inside me. I love all the contrasts in my life. In fact you might even already have figured out the names of my two dogs! CLICK HERE to find out !

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