Blonds vs. Brunettes

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hey guys, as you know I like to always introduce you guys to new things and experiences.  For a change of pace I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend Dee of  If you love my interracial escapades, then you’ll love her.  In fact not only do we share the same taste in men, we share the same men.  My lover DFWKnight once told me that Dee was the blonde version of me.  In this video you see that the two of them got together in their home state of Texas.

Does this video make me a little jealous.  Oh yes it does!  I wish he and I lived closer together and I know that he is an ass man and boy does Dee sure have a MILFy one to grab on to, doesn’t she?  Come on in and see.  Do blondes really have more fun? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT

2 thoughts on “Blonds vs. Brunettes

  1. In India we women like brunettes while men likes blonds .We want to see your dancing video on pole in Las Vegas strip club so when we visit Las Vegas as a tourist we can visit your club and have picture with you.

    • Well you show me a Vegas night club that will allow cameras! Good luck trying to sneak one in.

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