Rebecca is Re-Gifted


Well in my last video you saw that my boyfriend shared me with his friend for his friend’s birthday. I had no idea this is what he planned, but I was more than willing to help his friend do his first porno with me. In the last video my boyfriend finished his warm up and passed me to his friend. While my boyfriend was cleaning up, his friend took me upstairs! You see my boyfriend catches up with us in his bedroom and he’s not too pleased by his friend’s lack of etiquette! Well after his friend is finished and goes home, my boyfriend takes back his gift and shows me a proper good time. I kidded him as I felt like I was a toy that he re-gifted!

My lover told me that as my boyfriend that I needed to be used properly and that while sharing me with his friend, his friend did not know how to properly play with me.

I don’t often watch my own videos, so this was a bit of a new take for me. It is like hearing your own self sing. I cannot believe the words that come out of my mouth. It doesn’t even feel like it was me there. It is almost as if I am watching another person in my body as I take every inch of my boyfriends black cock first in my pussy and then in my ass. You will have to excuse the “amateur film quality” as I was not even aware at first that they were taping me! I was so wet and drunk. I can’t believe what a dirty girl I have become taking it in the ass too and so easily! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.

Where is Rebecca In the Wild? Challenge for Members Only!

Where's Rebecca?

Where’s Rebecca?

This has been a crazy Winter.  I know those of you on the East Coast have been dealing with tons of snow and bad weather while those of us on the West Coast are having a very dry Winter.  As promised though, I like to get out every so often so that you can see me in the wild!  So when my photographer told me that I needed to grab a coat, we set off for our little adventure along the coastline.  It really is beautiful out where I live.  Oops I forgot to bring a bathing suit! I am wondering if you can figure out where we went in this edition of “Where’s Rebecca?”

Can you figure out where we went?  Hint, there is a nudist beach nearby and we were looking to get down there so we could take some photos naked on the beach! Have a clue?  Better start tracking behind us and follow us to the beach.  This place is an exclusive enclave to the rich and famous!  CLICK HERE to find out where we are.

Members:  I have some special photos which I pulled out of this photoshoot for those who can tell me where I specifically am.  It is a somewhat famous spot.  If you can guess within a mile, send me an email and for those who correctly guess, I will send you a couple photos so you see how correct you are!!

The Gift: Rebecca Owned and Shared

All ready to play with your present?

All ready to play with your present?

So you think you’d like to lend your MILF out for BBC? Could you handle watching your wife being treated like an object and hearing her beg and plead for more? How about being loaned out or shared by one man to another? You see, you know the saying about “once you go….” Well you know the saying. This is a quite shocking video as you see Rebecca quite frankly even more vocal than ever before. Her boyfriend had her over, but when she arrived, he had a little visit. He told his buddy that he could have a piece of Rebecca. His buddy had been eyeing her over the years and her boyfriend knew this, so he decided to share his little secret and pass her MILFy booty over to him, but her boyfriend gets first dibs as his buddy videotapes his first porno.  

 We can’t even imagine what Rebecca’s husband must have thought when he saw this video of his wife being freely shared by another man as if his wife was his possession to be lent out to another man! Then again we can’t even imagine what he must have been thinking as she screams and begs for them to both put their cocks in her ass and as she tells them how she has been dreaming about it all week. You might want to turn down the sound as there is a lot of screaming and talking. Your next door neighbors might think you’re attacking a woman and call the police! CLICK HERE TO SEE REBECCA OWNED AND SHARED.



Want to do Lunch or do me at Lunch?

Ass for lunch

Ass for lunch

The other day I was driving by this small town adjacent to where I live. It reminded me of an early encounter I had when I started Dreamnet. I felt sort of violated and it really affected me. You see, there was this subscriber who sent me pictures of himself along with lots of money and finally asked if I could meet him for lunch. I had been so nervous. His pictures were so hot! This was the first time I was going to meet a member. We agreed that we’d meet at the rooftop of garage in this small town. I told my husband to drive me and watch secretly from behind a car. Well I waited for half an hour and he never showed up. I never figured out why he didn’t show and then a few weeks later, I get a photo. He was taking photos of me from the window of his office. How weird!! It turns out that he was telling me he was somebody he isn’t and was afraid to meet me and for me to find out that he wasn’t black, but Asian. I didn’t care about skin color. I was just upset I went out of my way and he didn’t even bother to say, “hi”. So he wanted to take pictures? I could have given him something to take pictures of!

Well, he sure missed out for not coming to see me. I mean, he too long distance photos when I could have given him something hotter and better. I also thought I’d give him a lunch that he’d never forget. More than anything I was just confused. Well here I am to re-enact that day show you all what would have happened if he had shown up. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT A PERFECT LUNCH LOOKS LIKE!