Want to do Lunch or do me at Lunch?

Ass for lunch

Ass for lunch

The other day I was driving by this small town adjacent to where I live. It reminded me of an early encounter I had when I started Dreamnet. I felt sort of violated and it really affected me. You see, there was this subscriber who sent me pictures of himself along with lots of money and finally asked if I could meet him for lunch. I had been so nervous. His pictures were so hot! This was the first time I was going to meet a member. We agreed that we’d meet at the rooftop of garage in this small town. I told my husband to drive me and watch secretly from behind a car. Well I waited for half an hour and he never showed up. I never figured out why he didn’t show and then a few weeks later, I get a photo. He was taking photos of me from the window of his office. How weird!! It turns out that he was telling me he was somebody he isn’t and was afraid to meet me and for me to find out that he wasn’t black, but Asian. I didn’t care about skin color. I was just upset I went out of my way and he didn’t even bother to say, “hi”. So he wanted to take pictures? I could have given him something to take pictures of!

Well, he sure missed out for not coming to see me. I mean, he too long distance photos when I could have given him something hotter and better. I also thought I’d give him a lunch that he’d never forget. More than anything I was just confused. Well here I am to re-enact that day show you all what would have happened if he had shown up. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT A PERFECT LUNCH LOOKS LIKE!

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  1. Nice post Rebecca, Sounds like the guy really missed out on a good time. I’m thinking he must have been nervous. I have had the pleasure of meeting several celebrities and not being nervous, Even though I am 26, I Still occasionally get a bit nervous before a date with an attractive date. By the way you looked great as always in the pic. Thanks for sharing

    Your Fan

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