Where is Rebecca In the Wild? Challenge for Members Only!

Where's Rebecca?

Where’s Rebecca?

This has been a crazy Winter.  I know those of you on the East Coast have been dealing with tons of snow and bad weather while those of us on the West Coast are having a very dry Winter.  As promised though, I like to get out every so often so that you can see me in the wild!  So when my photographer told me that I needed to grab a coat, we set off for our little adventure along the coastline.  It really is beautiful out where I live.  Oops I forgot to bring a bathing suit! I am wondering if you can figure out where we went in this edition of “Where’s Rebecca?”

Can you figure out where we went?  Hint, there is a nudist beach nearby and we were looking to get down there so we could take some photos naked on the beach! Have a clue?  Better start tracking behind us and follow us to the beach.  This place is an exclusive enclave to the rich and famous!  CLICK HERE to find out where we are.

Members:  I have some special photos which I pulled out of this photoshoot for those who can tell me where I specifically am.  It is a somewhat famous spot.  If you can guess within a mile, send me an email and for those who correctly guess, I will send you a couple photos so you see how correct you are!!

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