Rebecca Tricked in Modeling Gig!

Modeling Gig

Modeling Gig

Many of you out there probably don’t realize that I am like you or your significant other. I am a working mom who doesn’t get much excitement from home life or work. When I started on Dreamnet over 11 years ago and got naked for another man, it was totally nerve-wracking and embarrassing.   So imagine what it was like for me last month when I got a call from a lingerie company who told me they’d like to pay me to model some of their lingerie in a solo video runway style shoot. I was flattered, but skeptical. They had seen me wear their clothing and their website did say they were looking for real amateur models in the Los Angeles area. The money wasn’t bad so I said okay. Quite frankly I was just excited to shoot some sexy videos and photos. A couple days later I got an email from the studio agency taking the videos and we arranged a time. The next week at the studio in the warehouse district, it was quite embarrassing as I walked in and saw two men. They were quick talkers and told me they had a small budget and needed to be quick. They grabbed a crotchless body suit off a rack and told me to change in the restroom. The next thing you know I’m standing there naked in front of a guy with a video camera and another with a camera. Both had big erections.

For the next hour I walked around in next to nothing or absolutely nothing, modeling the lingerie for them. It was almost like dancing in a strip club. I even played around and touched myself for them as a tease. At one point they even signaled for me to come closer, but I dared not. I tried to stay professional. Watching my ass bounce around in high heels with no clothes on and feeling their eyes glaring at me filled me with excitement. Well two weeks later I get an email from them with videos attached. It turns out they weren’t professionals and that they were trying to get a job as videographers, but really weren’t representing the lingerie merchant! I had been duped! I felt so violated! I’m so glad they only took video and didn’t have sex. There’s still another 50 minutes of material somewhere. CLICK HERE to see this video where I was scammed by little perverts.

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  1. GM from Bombay, India..i already voted 5 for his story! ‘Go to page 2 & give him a 5-star. He’ll then write more about me’. When we will see you in main line cinema so your video available locally and we wives from India can buy it. lots of love to your ‘Pati Dev’- Husband. We love you in India!

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