Rebecca’s April Fools Update – It’s No Joke

I always wanted to be bad.

I always wanted to be bad.

For those of you who do not follow the adventures of Batman, the Joker has a girlfriend named Harley Quinn. Like me she has a second life. Her first life is as a psychologist who works with characters such as The Joker. But take her out of the office and she lets her hair down. Like me, she has a fetish for bad boys because they make life interesting. It is no wonder that Harley Quinn is considered one of the sexiest villains in the world of comics. So in honor of April Fool’s, the Joker is bringing Harley “Rebecca” Quinn to you. In my very own version, I will play the sexy Harley Quinn BDSM style. I know you want to see the deep, dark and mysterious version of me, so now you get to see me in action. Watch out. I might be mean!

That darned Cape Crusader, Buttman, has kidnapped me and is holding me to try and lure my boyfriend, the Joker, out of hiding. Well he doesn’t know what he is in for. The Joker is not going to be pleased that you are having your way with his girlfriend. He is no fool either, he will not be lured into your little trap. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW WE DEFEAT BUTTFACE

(This update is written for and inspired by a member who sent me this costume. All members are welcome to let me know what kind of inspiration I might provide to you.)

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