Rebecca Wants You in Her Office NOW

Want to Work Weekends?

Want to Work Weekends?

So like many things in life, we have contrasts. There are ups and downs and back and forths. It depends upon how you push those buttons or my buttons. Or maybe you might just want to unbutton things! I love how I can give you guys many views of me and let you see more and more of me. What you get to see this week is actually the elevator door I walk in and out of every day at work. When we moved into our temporary quarters while our permanent office undergoes a big remodel and seismic retrofit (yeah something that happens in most old California buildings), my girlfriend and I snuck in one weekend and took some photos. It was tricky because the security guard was wandering around and we were hoping he surely wouldn’t decide to visit our floor and do a walk around while we were taking photos!

I bet this will have you thinking anytime you take a building elevator up to an office! Might you be walking onto a temporary sales and trading floor where I work? I’ll give you a hint. See that red light reflection behind me? That is our corporate logo lit up on the wall that you see when you get off the elevator. Do you have a guess? I’m sure most of you know the name! CLICK HERE TO SEE ME AT WORK. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I SHOWED UP AT WORK LIKE THIS?!

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