The Key to Rebecca’s Executive Washroom


The one thing that annoys me the most about a small office? In a business dominated by men, there are only unisex bathrooms at my office and men are not as clean as women! I am going to have them fix the plumbing and put in a urinal for the barbarian sex. I’ll have to put a lock on the door too. Until then though, you guys will have to mind your Ps and Qs so that we can all live together here. So what I might have to do here is give you all a lesson in bathroom etiquette. Perhaps to reward you I maybe should provide a little incentive. Hmmm, what makes you guys really tick and pay attention? Maybe I’ll have to provide you guys with some incentive.

I know you guys want to go into the bathroom with me. Well now is your chance. This is actually kind of embarrassing. A lady doesn’t like to let the guys hear her sounds. I don’t think I can tinkle with a group of guys watching me. I get a little shy. So you want to learn a few girlie tricks? I am happy to show you what a girl wants out of a guy in the bathroom. Can you help pull my panties down? CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM WITH REBECCA!