Rebecca Shows You How She Shakes It

Shake it Baby! Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Shake it Baby! Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

As you saw in my last video, a couple of idiots pretended to be commercial photographers and videographers for a clothing website and paid me for a few hours of modeling for them. They paid me well but I later found that they weren’t professionals at all. It turns out they picked me out on a modeling website and also had seen me dance at a small local Gentleman’s Club where sometimes my boyfriend likes to show off and shake it for some of the patrons and hear them hoot and holler and watch them stuff bills in my g-string. When they presented me with backless pantyhose and did not give me a top, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to model them. It was hard to dance for these two young men. I had started to get suspicious. Both had big erections. And I could tell that I was turning them on!

It felt weird to be walking around topless in front of two strangers who were giggling as they filmed me and kept telling me what to do. I was supposed to be showing off these hose for potential buyers. Then at one point the main guy asked if I ever danced a striptease? I told him I had a couple times. In fact my supposed move that most men at the club like is when I lean up against the pole and then shake and shimmy to make my ass jiggle. They asked if I could sex it up for the viewers, so I decided to make that move since the pantyhose had an open back. After I modeled these though, I knew something strange was up. I am so glad I got this video back from them. CLICK HERE TO SEE ME SHIMMY and SHAKE ON CAMERA FOR THE FIRST TIME.


8 thoughts on “Rebecca Shows You How She Shakes It

    • I just don’t have time to do that. But if you have $3K I have a whole box of things I can send you!

      • I completely understand. I will have to respectfully pass on the box (though I imagine it is full of great stuff). If you ever had time or want, I’m more of a signed picture and single item guy (my collection is at 149). Thanks for the response Rebecca and keep up the great work.

        • Not sure what 149 means. Anyway, I’d add an autographed photo but I’m not sending photos out for $20 to everyone who asks. I just don’t have the time.

          • Thanks for the reply Rebecca, I totally agree that doing that would be a lot of effort for minimal return. Sorry, the 149 was referring to my collection of starlet pics & Items that I have obtained since I turned 18, not bad for 8 years (usually purchase an item from a photo, scene or custom and get a signed pic of them wearing the item as proof for usually $200-$300). I’m trying to line up potential purchases for when I return back home in mid June. I just wanted to take a minute and test the waters. Thank you very, very much for taking the time to reply. Enjoy your weekend.

        • No worries, I’d rather get rid of everything to one person than make tons of money sending out to 50 people

          • Sorry, didn’t see your latest post before i sent the last one. i totally understand.

            Thanks Again Rebecca

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