So You Want Your Wife to Be A Dreamgirl??


So you want to know how posing naked on the web works and how I personally handle it? Do you want to be on Dreamnet or want your wife to be on Dreamnet? Well then this is the update for you where you learn how it all works. I’ve been getting lots of questions lately from members about spoiling me, sending me things, meeting me, etc. This is nothing new and all girls on Dreamnet get these kinds of requests daily. I’ve been on here almost a dozen years here and I just want to make sure you all know how Dreamnet works, why I’m on here like I am and what to expect from me. Hopefully when reading this update you’ll all get a better understanding of what I like to do behind the scenes, how I am on Dreamnet and why I am on Dreamnet. I think every girl on Dreamnet probably handles things differently and I am very much the same. So I hope to answer some of the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. I’ve never answered some of these questions before so I hope you will enjoy hearing some very secret information about me.

What do I do with all my clothes I wear? Why do I do this on Dreamnet? What do I spend the money earn on? How long does it take to do this? Will I do this forever? What pisses me off? How involved is my husband? Do I really have a BBC boyfriend? How have I not missed a single update in over 12 years! I am very serious about this hobby and I treat it like any other job. If I do something, I need to do it right or not at all. Yes, I am the perfect model employee! I lead by example and I expect you to follow me. CLICK HERE TO LEARN THE SECRETS OF REBECCA!