Calling All Voyeurs – Want To See Something?

Can You See Me?

Can You See Me?

Look Up In the Air!  It’s A Bird!  It’s A Plane!  No It’s a Naked Lady in the Window!

This one is a voyeur special. The day we shot this, it was over 100 degrees outside and wearing stockings, I was boiling. Not to mention that my new building is extremely old and has no air-conditioning. Who knows with global warming what the summer will be like this year, but here it is always hot and a cool breeze is a must. I always enjoy this time of year as all of us are feeling frisky with Spring Freshness in the year. I never understood what it was about the Springtime which made people want to procreate, but I realize that the heavy and warm air along with blooming flowers and sudden rain showers are like a cleansing! Each year I am renewed. It doesn’t mean I am a virgin. It just means that I feel like I’m ready to meet a whole new batch of young (and older) lovers onto my site and discover their desires and help to try and fulfill them. I wonder what they will want from me! Across the street from me are a bunch of accounting and lawyer types! I love geeks! Pocket protectors are like condoms for shirts! Maybe I should give them a show!

Yeah, how does that song go? It’s getting hot in here? Gotta take off all my clothes? I have to say that my favorite thing about Dreamnet is that each week thousands of men get to see me naked! And then they give me naughty and sexy feedback. It is such a good feeling. When a young guy tells me he wants me, I feel so youthful. When an older guy tells me I am such a turn on, it makes me feel young and desirable too! So I stood there in the window for everyone to see. I wonder if anyone took time to start out the window and get a good luck at me. Unfortunately we are on the 19th floor or the people on the street could have seen.   CLICK HERE TO GET A WINDOW VOYEUR SHOW LIKE THEY GIVE IN AMSTERDAM!

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