Rebecca Has a Tight Fit to Motivate You

May is National Masterbation Month

May is National Masterbation Month


Remember when you were younger in school when you got in trouble and the teacher sent you to sit in the corner? Well I thought I’d try it in my office. I have this great tight little corner alcove in my office. For the longest time I could not figure out what to put there. It was this tight little corner where you couldn’t put a shelf or a desk or a lamp. Then one day my lover dropped by and I closed the door, pushed him into the corner and gave him a bj where nobody could see us. I then got the idea! This would be a great place to bring the punishment corner to the professional office space. I would not use it for punishment though . I would use it for encouragement! I would show my guys what it means to please their boss. You see, I’m a good motivator. So let’s get started, shall we?

Having trouble getting motivated and work? Sometimes it is all about the right piece of mind. If I see you are having a trouble getting it up or motivated for work, then maybe you need to come see me, sit in the corner, pull down your pants and show me how dedicated you are to me and this company. I want to see your enthusiasm and to watch you give it your all. If you need some special tips and tricks I am always here for more counseling! CLICK HERE AND COME INTO MY CORNER. IT’S A TIGHT FIT.

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  1. I would LOVE to show you how dedicated I am to YOU !!! I Would LOVE to Give You My All Over and Over and Over Again Until YOU are Satisfied!!!

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