Video Update – Secret Video Caught by a Stranger


When I received this movie in an email, I was stupefied.  I asked my husband and he racked his brain to figure out where it came from.  He had never seen it before.  The emailer asked if it was me, as he told me that he had been watching that video for 10 years as he had taken it one evening in Southern California and had been fantasizing about the woman in that video until he found my site.  I asked him about it and suddenly it all came back to me.  I had blocked that time out of my life out of my memory.  It is when I first started really sleeping with other men.  A woman never wants to be called a slut, but in that time in my life I was.  I had discovered the need to just have incredible sex with my new found lovers and fortunately there was a local hotel venue in the town over that catered to my needs.  The hotel catered to women and couples to have sex in a semi-private.  It was a swinger hotel.  Don’t you love California?  It was a couple town over from where we lived.  We had just moved there and the chance of running into someone we knew was highly unlikely.

In the hotel, women or couples got a room.  If you left your shades open that meant you wanted others to watch or take pictures.  On some floors if you left the doors open, you wanted people to come in and play with you.  On others you wanted people to come in and get close to the action.  The only rule was that only one person was allowed to come in and watch at a time.

At this time I used to get a room while my husband went to watch others.  I would invite some of my black lovers to come keep me company for the evening.  This is the first time I met Billy and we really put on a show for the voyeurs.  He was such a good lover and very well-endowed.  There were several people who came in to our room over the course of the evening to take pictures and videotape this white mom having unprotected sex with strangers.  I felt so naughty and Billy kept telling them that this is what happens to your wife when she goes black.  He made me tell those who came into the room I would never go back to my husband.

Note: This movie is a bit of an out of body experience since I have no recollection at all of doing this!  The fan who sent this to me said that he remembers me being so submissive and doing whatever my lovers told me to do. The part he said that he did not capture that turned him on was that the photographer told him was that I had asked Billy to use a condom and he said no before sliding his bare cock into me.  My fan said that he had to leave the room because there was another guy who he assumed to be my husband taking pictures and they were getting in each other’s videos and photos so they took turns entering and leaving the room.  I am so glad that someone captured this video.  It probably captures me at a very interesting time in my life.