Take me Hard & Rough


My recent poll on my blog (http://www.rebeccasoffice.net) asked members if they were more of a domination preferred lover or a submissive lover. Overwhelmingly you all told me that you’d like to be a dominant lover. I’ve always been a “type A” control freak in my work, family life, school, etc., but since I’ve come on to Dreamnet, I’ve learned to let loose and let myself lose control and put my pleasure in the hands of my lover or lovers. It has allowed me to find new pleasures I never imagined. I guess sex is an experiential learning process. So if you could have me submit to you. What would you do to me? Would you make it rough? I found I like it that way.

So have you been fantasizing about me and what you want to do to a woman who will submit to your every wish and desire? I’d love to sit back and do as you wish. Teach me something new and tell me what you want to give to me or take from me. This week I belong to you! I’m waiting for you inside. I’m taking down orders. Make sure you supply your own tools (ropes, whips, etc.) CLICK HERE TO COME INSIDE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO ME!

3 thoughts on “Take me Hard & Rough

  1. Nice update, A chance to dominate a real hotwife like Rebecca. To stuff her head in the cushions and pound her from behind,to bite off her panties and suck on her tongue. This post has me worked up, may have to go on a cougar hunt tonight. Keep up the great work

  2. OMG!!!! I have Fantasized about YOU for Several Years!!!! I’d Love to have My Way With You!!!! I’d Love to bend You over a table, tie Your Wrist to table legs and have my way with Your Beautiful Hot and Sexy Ass and Your Beautiful Sweet, Hot and Wet Pussy!!!!!

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