You Need to Know my Ultimate Office Sex Fantasy

Yes I have this fantasy where I am the Boss of a great stud farm of gorgeous men who are never satisfied.  In fact they work so hard for me that they hardly have time for a social life!  Since I am the main woman in their life, it is up to me to satisfy their every whim!  I am the Boss 9-5.  After that, the table turn.

The Only Woman You Need

The Only Woman You Need

Well since my site is named Rebecca’s Office, I know that many of you wonder about office sex. So do I! Have I ever had office sex? Actually I have on several occasions. It is risky because there are lots of cameras around so I am always wary of having sex in a public space.  In my business almost everything is monitored, from restrooms, to hallways, to elevators, to phones. That makes my ultimate sexual fantasy a difficult one. What is my favorite fantasy? I think some of you know it already. It I could, I’d seduce all of my hot brokers in my office and would be the ultimate boss because I would make sure they are the happiest and most incentivized team around. I haven’t done it yet, but I can tell you how it would work.

So we are in temporary offices until our larger office space gets renovated. I loved getting naked and thinking about my ultimate office fantasy. I want to tell you about it such that if the time ever came along, you could help me live it out okay? Please pay close attention because it isn’t fun to have to tell you what I want when it happens. I want you to just read my mind. Take notes and then take me prisoner.   CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHAT I WANT MY TEAM MEMBERS TO DO. YOU MIGHT JUST GET A REWARD!



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