Happy 12th Anniversary on Dreamnet: Deep Inside Rebecca Before Dreamnet

Before Dreamnet

Before Dreamnet

This week will mark 12 years on the internet, but truth be told my husband has been filming me since 1994. You see I never intended to be on the Web, but he always had a plan and would take pictures of me with those old digital cameras and share one or two of them with strangers on the Web without me knowing. He always promised me he would delete them and never show them to anyone, but I recently found them and asked him why he still had them. In fact there were so many. I couldn’t believe it. I looked so innocent and young. Well with the popularity of Throwback Thursdays on the internet, we thought we’d show you how it all got started.  So if you ever wanted to see your girl on the web, let this be a training session for you! I’ve added captions that capture the essence of what I was thinking then and now when these images were taken to help you understand how innocent I was. I really had no idea what I would become. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy standing here in front of you. There are millions of other Rebeccas out there like me. Let me show you how we all get started.

So in this case, he bought me this little school girl uniform and had me dress slutty. I had no idea he had the camera rolling. Then he showed me he was filming. I was so embarrassed. I have to warn you I wasn’t trying to be glamorous. I had no idea these pictures would be shared and published. He then had me get in bed and pretend I was having sex with black men as he knew it was my fantasy. Oh and if you guys like a hairy woman, I warn you that like most women, I hadn’t learned to shave myself down there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you? Also, the cameras weren’t as good back then as they are today. So if you have a young innocent wife like my husband did, there is still hope if you want her to pose naked on the web. CLICK HERE TO SEE ME NAKED BEFORE I JOINED DREAMNET.

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