Rebecca Loves Interracial Foreplay, Do You?

Right or Left handed?

Right or Left handed?

Okay gentlemen, having sex is not just a “Wham, Bam, Thank You, M’am” type of event. Girls like a little foreplay to relax and get her juices flowing. What I love about my lovers is that before they take me for a ride, they feed me, lubricate me, and sexy talk me until I am so wet that I am getting the bed wet before the action starts.

On this special occasion, my lovers took me to a hotel for a little 3some fun. Satisfying two men at once can be overwhelming. It is hard to focus on both at the same time, but these guys are so sensuous that I had to let you see how they seduced me into a night of wet and wild fun. Watch them get me wet as they prepare to enter my wet pussy.

I love how they slowly and gently caress me until I am butter in their hands and ready to take whatever they want to give me!

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One thought on “Rebecca Loves Interracial Foreplay, Do You?

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