Meet Rebecca’s Shy Boyfriend

My Boyfriend

My Boyfriend

Well as many of you might know I have a serious boyfriend besides my playmates that I film with. In fact my boyfriend doesn’t like to be on film which is why I still sleep with other men to provide content for my site. Mind you, this girl doesn’t mind a little variety, but it would be easier if he would allow to be filmed with me. That said I respect his wishes. He also doesn’t like the fact that I can’t leave my husband. But truth be told I spend more time these days with my boyfriend than my husband. This pictorial is from the first time I met with my “boyfriend to be”. He told me that he wanted to see me but he didn’t want to be on camera. Well we bargained a little and this pictorial was what he allowed to be seen.

I can’t believe I never produced it. But here it is. We first went to dinner and then I drove back with him to the hotel but he first stopped and told me he didn’t like having my husband around and that he wanted me all to himself. We had just met. He told me he wanted me to have his baby and that he wanted me bare. I told him no, but he said there would be no other way. He was so good lucking that I said yes. I wanted to feel him inside me. But my husband would never go for it. You’ll have to see what happened.  CLICK HERE TO MEET MY SHY BOYFRIEND

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  1. Loved this video!!! Signed back up just to see it and I wasn’t disappointed. Do you fantasize about being black bred???

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