Who wants Rebecca to feel the Sting?

Do you really want to hurt me?

Do you really want to hurt me?

I get questions all the time about how kinky I am? Well some people might think I’m very kinky while others have told me that I am very mild in my fantasies. Over the years, and especially on Dreamnet I have learned that I have changed in my tastes for what I lust after in my sexual encounters, I think people are already aware that I don’t mind trying new things and that is what I have done since joining Dreamnet. I have not said no to too many things. You might say I will try everything once. Are we a match? Want to introduce me to something new?

So let’s go into Rebecca’s treasure chest of drawers and see else what we might find in my bags of tricks. Ah look we have a nice riding crop for whippings when people behave badly and sometimes for the real special people like it even when they are good. CLICK HERE TO FEEL IT BURN

One thought on “Who wants Rebecca to feel the Sting?

  1. I’d Really LOVE to Feel Your Amazing, Beautiful, Hot and Sexy Body up against mine!!!!! DAMN, GETTING HARD just THINKING about it!!!!

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