When is a Bikini Not a Bikini? Let me Tell You

Ummm, hard to hide wearing this

Ummm, hard to hide wearing this

When my friend Juan sent me this thongkini or monokini, I was shocked. I couldn’t dance in this thing. I couldn’t go to the beach in this thing. I couldn’t do anything in this little number. This bathing suit had less material than dental floss! He explained to me that all the girls wear these down in South America. I was quite embarrassed and I am not embarrassed easily. So when I was invited to a clothing optional resort down in Jamaica, my boyfriend encouraged me to wear it to the beach. So I brought it along….

Taking pictures by the pool is a no-no at the resort club, but I must say that I got more attention than I would have if I had been naked. I have to say that I did take it off at the pool as most people were totally naked and I didn’t want to have tiny tan lines like that. I got lots of comments though: CLICK HERE if you want to hear about what happened!

2 thoughts on “When is a Bikini Not a Bikini? Let me Tell You

  1. Rebecca, I know that there wasn’t much to the monokini, but it sure did Show Off Your Amazing, Awesome, Beautiful, Fabulous, Hot and Sexy Body!!! I Really LOVED Seeing YOU Wear It, But I Have Always Loved Your Amazing, Beautiful, Hot and Sexy Body!!! CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR VERY BEAUTIFUL, VERY HOT AND VERY SEXY BODY!!!!

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