Rebecca’s Movie Reviews – Spectre



As you know I don’t give away plots or anything in my reviews, so there are no spoiler alerts.  I will have to say that if you enjoy James Bond movies, then you should see every single one no mater what people say.

This movie is supposedly the last of Daniel Craig’s series of James Bond.  I am okay with that because he has now set James Bond on a track that I am not sure I enjoyed.  His James Bond lacked many of the lighter moments that I like within James Bond movies.  Too much darkness and not enough tongue-in-cheek humor.  I also am not attracted to the brutish James Bond.  I prefer a more suave gentleman.

It is a long movie and if you haven’t watched the past three movies I suggest that you watch them first as there are references to those movies which will help you follow this one.  The movie is quite long at 2.5 hours.  I agreed with my bf that the opening scene was a good one.  It was nice and long for a James Bond Opening scene but there have been more spectacular ones.  It did set the tone though.

There are some great cars in this movie and only one real gadget.  I also did not find his love interest to be exotic enough.  Of course many of you will probably enjoy her.

I look forward to hearing what you all think.