Save The World With Rebecca

SuperHumpHey Isis, I’ve got a message! I’m coming for you! Rebecca is here to save the world! What does that S on my chest stand for? “Suck It”. Why do so many innocent people have to die? This terrorism cannot be tolerated so I am offering my services as Supergirl. A friend got me this costume too late for the Halloween holiday, but I think it serves a better purpose in light of the horrible events in Paris. Their message is falling on deaf ears. Well never fear, Supergirl is here to save the day! Kryptonite? No that is not my weakness. I won’t tell you in public.

Yes by day I am a mild-mannered financial advisor but when the world is in trouble I am here to be your sexy super hero. Check out my belt of super gadgets to help make this world a place of love not war. Let’s all give peace a chance. I just want to make this world a happier and better place. Who wants to join me? CLICK HERE to SUPPORT WORLD PEACE!

One thought on “Save The World With Rebecca

  1. We house wives from Mumbai are with you. You go girl. One suggestion that why you don’t make one professional xxx movie on this idea in the end you get reward by five black marines. You became G.I .Joe with erotic haircuts and Tattoo , but make it sure that it available in markets in Mumbai. It will be super hit. We love you..Neelima, Ujjvala and others

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