Rebecca in Gang Land Year End Update

Rich Girl in Gangland

Rich Girl in Gangland

I can’t believe another year end is upon us. I love wearing red this time of year. It is so festive and puts me in a good mood thinking about all the wonderful people I’ve met here and all the wonderful things that happened this amazing year. Each year I take inventory of what happened and take a small look at what I discovered about myself and life. At the same time I want to show off my new red dress to you all. What I really wanted to do this year was to be like Santa all dressed in red and get out to spread some holiday cheer in some of the needier communities, but honestly I had never been to this part of town and ended up really in the wrong place! We took a risk with this one. So don’t say I don’t work hard for you all. I went deep in the heart of LA gang territory at 5:45 am for these incredible shots just off the park where they hang out.

I wanted to get out to some of the more needy parts of town and it was a little dangerous as you can see by the graffiti. My photographer was worried about her expensive equipment. I was more worried that some gang kids might catch me naked. It was so scary as I did not know I was wearing the wrong colors too! CLICK HERE to see me naked in the wrong part of town and protect me!

Merry Christmas from @RebeccasOffice

Merry Christmas

                       Merry Christmas

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas.  I want to thank you all for helping me through another year on the internet.  A special thanks to all my followers, friends, fans and the whole Dreamnet family.  Having spent all these years on the Web, this has become my second family.

I hope you all get the gifts you need to have a wonderful year.  I love this time of year.  I often become sentimental.  Well thanks for visiting my blog today.  Please be safe and don’t eat too much!


@RebeccasOffice Update – Naughty or Nice

HomeforChristmas copy I have no doubt that I am near the top of Old St. Nick’s naughty list. Every year I wonder what it is he thinks I will deserve from his nag of coal. I admit I do like to receive a little punishment or something from the “other bag of goodies”. I mean I don’t need to be nice and receive candies, ugly jewelry, socks, ugly sweaters and the like. Well given that it is the week before Christmas and I am taking the rest of the year off, I am bored and horny. I thought I’d rummage through my husband’s closet looking for his gifts but couldn’t find them. All I could do was smell his cologne and got horny that I needed his smell all over me……

So I took off my clothes and put on one of his dress shirts and thought I’d wait for my lover to come over and help me out. I wonder who will come home first. My husband? My lover? Or maybe some handsome stranger. I want the gift of naughtiness. I’m not greedy. Anyone can give it to me? CLICK HERE to Reward Rebecca for being naughty!

Movie Review – The Force Awakens

Star Wars

                                Star Wars

It is amazing how this series has crossed so many different generations and this movie will not disappoint.  I don’t want to make light of this movie either, but if you saw the original Star Wars: A New Hope, then this will start a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.  I promise.  The parallels are uncanny and yet they are very current to today!

The movie leaves you wanting to go back and see it again.  Maybe because it was done by JJ Abrams (Lost fame) he does a great job leaving you with hidden crumbs and making you want to see it again and again.  Yet he gives you new things like the BB8 droid which is basically an updated version of R2D2.  Oh, and of course, in keeping everything current, we won’t have issues of a female heroine a black hero, nostalgic heroes from episodes gone by, etc.

Those who loved the original and were offput by the cutesy characters like Jar jar Binks or even the ewoks, will find this to be very very much in line with the movie that started the whole series.  There are some funny zingers, there are nostalgic phrases, there is some ridiculousness that will leave you giggling in your seat…and then there will be some mysteries that will leave everything trying to figure the mystery until the next movie.  I am already in anticipation of the answer.  The answer we all think we know in the next movie.

The trailers have left everyone wondering “Where’s Luke?”  All of us who have seen the movie know the answer.  Now the question is Who?  Why? Is he?  Is she? What next?

I give the movie 5 erections!  Get out there and see it!  Even if you aren’t a fan.  You won’t want to be left out. Everyone will be talking about it!  See it over and over again.  It will make you feel good!


Dreamnet Clips Sequel – Rebecca and Sam Go to Vegas Part 2

Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

                   Rebecca & Samantha Part 2

Am I bisexual?  I get that question often.  That weekend I spent in Vegas with Samantha I never ate so much pussy.  I also never ate another man’s cum out of another woman’s pussy.  I also never licked a woman as another man put his cock in her.  It was so hot!  I really liked it.  Then there is the hot scene I never had watched before.  When Samantha told her boyfriend’s wingman to choke her I was stunned.  I’d never seen a woman be so submissive.   It was so dirty and I loved it.  That is when I told her boyfriend to take off the condom and to cum deep inside me while I ate his girlfriend.  I wanted my whole body to be used by this couple and then have her boyfriend’s wingman stick his gigantic cock deep inside me and plant more of his hot cum in my womb.  I love Vegas.  There must be something about the dry air in Vegas that gets me horny.  You tell me, is this a hot scene or not?  Maybe this is what happens to all women in Vegas.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Samantha getting choked!

For the last 10 years people have asked me about this short clip on my club member side with my friend Samantha and this video includes about a minute of the nasty scene included in that vide.  A good friend who like me is married with a family, her one last hurrah can be seen here.  If you’ve been asking About Samantha, this is your last chance, I promise.


Rebecca Reinvents the Daisy Duke

Where are the jeans?

Where are the jeans?

When I was growing up in my rural community I was introduced to Daisy Dukes and then there was that TV show with the character with that same name who wore them well. You know what I am talking about. We are talking about those tight little blue jean shorts. Well when I got this latest piece from a fan, I had no idea how to put it on. It literally covered nothing. I mean the only thing it had on it were a couple daisies. My photographer looked at them and wondered how I should wear a couple of flowers and we had a good time trying to figure out how to wear this one.

So you want to pluck my petals? There are hardly any petals to pick. Well quite frankly there are very few things covered on here. I don’t even think Daisy Duke could wear something like this. You wonder why I’m not using any frontal photos in my previews? Well there is just nothing left to the imagination. How good is your imagination? CLICK HERE to see REBECCA’S New Daisy Dukes!

Rebecca Update: Naked Public Flashing and Special Member Message

Reb121015 - (02)Is there anything sexier than public displays of nudity?  I’m such an exhibitionist. Sometimes after work I just want to get out of my uncomfortable suit and walk around naked.  Clothes can be so restricting. Don’t you think?   It is fortunate though that I can live in a state where it doesn’t get too cold.  That said I don’t think the local authorities would appreciate my walking around the streets in my lingerie. I have to make sure I find good places to just take it off and be free. The nudity police are always on the lookout for me this time of year though.  I think they spotted me though.  I know a great hiding place though….. hurry let’s go.

Yes the police are after me.  You know those men in uniform. They want to catch me, frisk me and check all my crevices for illegal things. There was a famous actress a few years ago who was protesting against fur.  She and her fellow protestors walked nude right down Sunset Blvd.  Later after she got out, she said that the officers fondled her while she was in custody.  Hmmm, sounds like fun to me! CLICK HERE to see REBECCA NAKED IN PUBLIC!
There are some of you who might be wondering what happened to my Yahoo Group and my Facebook pages.  I am extremely busy with so many members that I find it difficult to communicate through so many platforms.  I was becoming very removed from those two areas and thus I have stopped using those social media areas for communication.  As always, email, Twitter  and my blog will remain the best ways to communicate with me.  They mean more because those who communicate with me in those channels show me they are taking the time to talk.

Video Update – Rebecca Rides It (Candlelight Series)

Ride My Pony

                       Ride My Pony

I am a true amateur model. People ask me all the time when they can arrange to be with me. The point is that my videos for the most part are not arranged. There is nothing professional or arranged about my meetings. Just like all of my fans, I have sex when I can and fortunately that happens quite often with my lovers to keep me and them satisfied. These are not scripted exercises and the emotions you see and hear are real.

My lovers are special people in my life and I respect them immensely. They are skilled, talented, smart, successful and very very good lovers. No you don’t see every sexual encounter I have. It depends upon if we remember to set up a camera, stay in focus or within the lens, or even give you enough lighting to see anything.

So what is the difference is between an amateur and a porn star? A porn star production has other people in the room filming, gets paid right after the production, and there are bright lights and scripted story lines. What you see here on is pure amateur.

So that is why you see many of the same guys with me. We have been making love for many years. In this clip you will meet my lover of over 10 years! He is so hung and smooth. His body is perfectly sculpted and he is an amazing lover. What I love about him is that he is so romantic. A night is his bed is magical with his wonderful music and candlelit love making. He is such a powerful and assertive lover who makes me feel beautiful especially as he comes deep inside me. In this particular case however I just had to jump on the saddle and ride his beautiful cock. It just felt so so good.

CLICK HERE to see amateur cowgirl and reverse cowgirl love making!