Rebecca Update: Naked Public Flashing and Special Member Message

Reb121015 - (02)Is there anything sexier than public displays of nudity?  I’m such an exhibitionist. Sometimes after work I just want to get out of my uncomfortable suit and walk around naked.  Clothes can be so restricting. Don’t you think?   It is fortunate though that I can live in a state where it doesn’t get too cold.  That said I don’t think the local authorities would appreciate my walking around the streets in my lingerie. I have to make sure I find good places to just take it off and be free. The nudity police are always on the lookout for me this time of year though.  I think they spotted me though.  I know a great hiding place though….. hurry let’s go.

Yes the police are after me.  You know those men in uniform. They want to catch me, frisk me and check all my crevices for illegal things. There was a famous actress a few years ago who was protesting against fur.  She and her fellow protestors walked nude right down Sunset Blvd.  Later after she got out, she said that the officers fondled her while she was in custody.  Hmmm, sounds like fun to me! CLICK HERE to see REBECCA NAKED IN PUBLIC!
There are some of you who might be wondering what happened to my Yahoo Group and my Facebook pages.  I am extremely busy with so many members that I find it difficult to communicate through so many platforms.  I was becoming very removed from those two areas and thus I have stopped using those social media areas for communication.  As always, email, Twitter  and my blog will remain the best ways to communicate with me.  They mean more because those who communicate with me in those channels show me they are taking the time to talk.