Rebecca Reinvents the Daisy Duke

Where are the jeans?

Where are the jeans?

When I was growing up in my rural community I was introduced to Daisy Dukes and then there was that TV show with the character with that same name who wore them well. You know what I am talking about. We are talking about those tight little blue jean shorts. Well when I got this latest piece from a fan, I had no idea how to put it on. It literally covered nothing. I mean the only thing it had on it were a couple daisies. My photographer looked at them and wondered how I should wear a couple of flowers and we had a good time trying to figure out how to wear this one.

So you want to pluck my petals? There are hardly any petals to pick. Well quite frankly there are very few things covered on here. I don’t even think Daisy Duke could wear something like this. You wonder why I’m not using any frontal photos in my previews? Well there is just nothing left to the imagination. How good is your imagination? CLICK HERE to see REBECCA’S New Daisy Dukes!

One thought on “Rebecca Reinvents the Daisy Duke

  1. Looks sexy as hell Rebecca. Like how you’re leaving it to the imagination. Makes me think of how sexy those nylon feet and toes are. great update and idea

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