Movie Review – The Force Awakens

Star Wars

                                Star Wars

It is amazing how this series has crossed so many different generations and this movie will not disappoint.  I don’t want to make light of this movie either, but if you saw the original Star Wars: A New Hope, then this will start a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.  I promise.  The parallels are uncanny and yet they are very current to today!

The movie leaves you wanting to go back and see it again.  Maybe because it was done by JJ Abrams (Lost fame) he does a great job leaving you with hidden crumbs and making you want to see it again and again.  Yet he gives you new things like the BB8 droid which is basically an updated version of R2D2.  Oh, and of course, in keeping everything current, we won’t have issues of a female heroine a black hero, nostalgic heroes from episodes gone by, etc.

Those who loved the original and were offput by the cutesy characters like Jar jar Binks or even the ewoks, will find this to be very very much in line with the movie that started the whole series.  There are some funny zingers, there are nostalgic phrases, there is some ridiculousness that will leave you giggling in your seat…and then there will be some mysteries that will leave everything trying to figure the mystery until the next movie.  I am already in anticipation of the answer.  The answer we all think we know in the next movie.

The trailers have left everyone wondering “Where’s Luke?”  All of us who have seen the movie know the answer.  Now the question is Who?  Why? Is he?  Is she? What next?

I give the movie 5 erections!  Get out there and see it!  Even if you aren’t a fan.  You won’t want to be left out. Everyone will be talking about it!  See it over and over again.  It will make you feel good!