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titsfor2 copyOne of my favorite things about being on Dreamnet has been having my fans and lovers dress me as they’d like to see me whether it is a sexy piece of Lingerie or a nice business suit and shoes to wear to work.  Truth be told, I like to impress a man an have him know that I am thankful and appreciative of his desire.

Over the years my fans have dressed me in t-shirts with their company logos, jerseys they wore when in college, etc.  It really makes me feel honored to be a part of you.  In fact, back in 2010 I was VOTED the 2010 Wicked Temptations Customer Model of the Year! A member sent me some items and I sent in a picture and won!!

My goal in 2016 is to wear things that represent all of my members and those in the community.  I am ordering items from Yandy.com and Victoria’s Secret and Boston Proper and am trying to make sure they are only items from my members.  I want to get personal with all of you so I hope you will get in on the fun.  How do you do it?

  1.  Go to Yandy.com or Victoriassecret.com or Boston Proper and take a look for what turns you on.
  2.  Copy the link to the item that you like and send it to me: rebeccasoffice@gmail.com
  3. Buy an e-gift card and send me any amount you’d like:
    1. Yandy E-Gift Card: http://www.yandy.com/giftcards
    2. Victoria’s Secret E-Gift Card – CLICK HERE FOR VICTORIA’S SECRET
    3. Boston Proper E-gift Card: CLICK HERE FOR BOSTON PROPER
    4. Wicked Temptations E=Gift Card: CLICK HERE FOR WICKED TEMPTATIONS
    5. 3Wishes E-Gift Card- CLICK HERE FOR 3 WISHES

I will then order what you liked and if it is okay with you, will give you a tribute mention when I wear it on my site.  If they are things I can wear in everyday life, those items are more special because then I can feel sexy even when I am not on Dreamnet!

There are also other options without ECards (You will need to send a gift card to yourself and when you receive the code on the card, take a picture and send it to me).  Here is a favorite lace I like to shop that doesn’t have eCards:


All you need to do for the Venus gift card is to have the physical card sent to you, take a picture of the card code number, and send it to me via email!

For your information: Yandy is great for cheaper very sexy and naughty items.  Victoria’s Secret is known strictly for classy lingerie and Boston Proper I have found to be the best MILFY everyday clothing you will find on the web.  Venus also has some sexy items as well.  I have many of their items and they are cheaper than Boston Proper. I have worn many of both of their pieces to work!

Whether you are my Halloween, Thanksgiving, Bikini, Christmas, Birthday or New Year sponsor, I sure hope you will work with me!  Right now I am placing my orders for Valentines.  Will you be mine?

I hope that you decide to participate and make 2016 one in which you and I will both remember.  I hope to be hearing from you.

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