Rebecca’s After Party in Vegas

Samantha3So if you haven’t seen my videos with my girlfriend Samantha on Dreamnet Clips, you should check them out. She and her two friends and I had a foursome that was amazing, but anybody who has been with me will tell you that I am insatiable. You would think that after a long night like that, that I would be exhausted. Well I wasn’t. I wanted more. In case Samantha was not going to be a fun roommate, I had called on a friend of mine who lived in Vegas.

Well I was lucky he was still around. He is really hung like a horse and I needed him to finish off what the others had started.

So while everyone went downstairs to gamble and get some food, my old friend came up to give me the night cap that I needed. Fortunately for all of you, someone had left the camera on the nightstand aimed at the bed. There are only 10 minutes of video because we ran out of battery on the camera from the marathon session that was had before with Samantha, but at least you get to see that I am a wild girl when it comes to sex and Vegas brings out the animal in me


Here are the links to the other two videos from earlier in the evening:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –


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  1. Do you love the men who take what they want even if you are not giving it? And you mean black men?

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