Update: It’s Official March MadnASS Month #ass


I was looking around and I see there are such special designations for Drinking Wine, Black Pride, etc. Well I think there should be a month dedicated to a beautiful ASS. So I am declaring March to be “Worship a Woman’s Ass” Month. What do you think? So it shall be forever known as March MadnASS. I also want to invite you join in some traditional March Madness College Basketball fun. Every year I have a pool dedicated to my office pool. If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to go to espn.go.com/fantasy and set up an account. I want to see you in my tournament pool. I shall give an award to my top current member in the pool as long as they beat me! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some photos of me in a sexy black negligee sent to me by one of my Ass Worshippers!

Are you ready for March MadnASS? Are you a worshipper of the ASS? Do you want to slap it, touch it, spank it, lick it? Well then this is your month! Contribute to the cause and make March the month of the ASS! And then play in my fantasy league and show me you are the King of March MadnASS! CLICK HERE to see MY ASS!!


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