Feeling Lucky? Who wants to get Lucky With Me? Where will you Pinch Me

Get Lucky

Get Lucky

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I guess it is also the day for those who are superstitious. I am very superstitious. Are you?! I do believe in karma so maybe that has to do with luck as well. Would you like to get lucky with me? I think the Irish have a lot of fun and are happy go-lucky people. So what is your favorite Irish tale? Perhaps I could be that lucky pot of gold at the end of your rainbow this year. Do you think green is sexy? Alright then, let me get green and sexy for you.

Speaking of superstitions, I forgot to wear green today. Somebody once said that if you don’t wear green that people get to pinch you. Have any of you heard that?! Well I forgot to wear green today. I guess that means you get to pinch me! CLICK HERE if you feel lucky and want to get luckier!!

Now if you are feeling extra lucky and are a basketball fan, join my March Madness basketball pool on ESPN.  It’s fun and free.  Fabulous prizes too!  CLICK HERE

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