Movie Review – Creed

creedI was curious to see this movie as I saw that Sylvester Stallone got a good review for his acting in the movie.  I also did not like the last one or two of the Rocky series so I was a little cautious.

The movie did not disappoint me.  It had the Rocky formula that people like and it was updated appropriately to keep up with the times.  It still was not as good as the earlier movies in my opinion, but it was better than the recent disappointing movies.  I also like the cinematography.  Notice the fight scenes that go with one camera in one long shot without multiple cuts and angles.  That was really a nice touch.

Sylvestor Stallone’s acting was good but not great, but who sees Rocky movies for the acting?  I don’t.  The story was good and in the end I was rooting for the main character!

I give the movie 4 erections!