Rebecca Shows You How to Hold Her LickHer

Rebecca's LickHer Cabinet

Rebecca’s LickHer Cabinet

 I am always collecting bottles of alcohol and the racks are overflowing these days from lots of gifts so I thought maybe you could help me clear out my LickHer cabinet.  I really wanted to find something special to celebrate the occasion with you.  I wanted a fiesta!  A party!  So I thought I’d bring out the good stuff.  Some really expensive tequila.   Not only did the alcohol hit me hard, but the bottle did too and you’ll see why!

Look,I know what they say.  A woman can’t hold her LickHer.  Well that might be true, but when you see what I have in store for you in this pictorial, you will see what I mean.  Do you like drinking with a woman and taking advantage of her?  Well, let’s see if you can keep up and party on with me.  CLICK HERE and let me know if you can drink me under the table.



The Following image is for my 2017 Easter Hunt.  If you find it, send me a tweet to this page.  The first person to find it gets a 1 month membership as long as they have been a previous member: 


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  1. Im not sure how you do it with all the competition on the internet these days but for some reason you seem to capture the attention of many guys my age . Im 30 white male and you might not hear it much but literally all my friends follow you on twitter and somehow you keep our attention which is a compliment in itself. Keep up the good work 🙂

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