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The one thing I know you guys like is a little variety.  It is what spices up life.  It is why I do what I do, because life can be boring.  It wouldn’t be fun if I just did the same old thing for you every week would it?  Every week for the past 13 years I have tried to give you something new and this week once again I am giving you something you have never ever seen and it is a first on the Web.  In fact I hope you like it enough to really encourage more of it!

As you know my life is busy and my husband  and I come across lots of people, events, and opportunities.  We joined Dreamnet because it made our life more exciting and we thought we could show you something new and special every week.  This week we are sharing with you a big secret and a big mystery never revealed on the internet    CLICK HERE to see the BIG SECRET and MYSTERY.


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Home Alone and Horny

Home Alone and Horny

Sometimes I am just home alone and so horny.  I think every woman feels this way at some time or another where she just wants to close her eyes and feel someone spread her legs and slide deep inside her slowly penetrating deeper and deeper until they can go no further.  Then they reach up and pull my arms above my head and pin my hands above me as they nibble on my earlobes and begin thrusting hard and breathing on my neck.  Is that you?  You grab my ass and push harder as you bite my nipples and make me scream.

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I want to feel you explode deep inside me before my husband comes home.  Make my pussy so wet and juicy that I leave a huge stain on my bed and when I sleep on the wet spot tonight I will think of our special time together!

Rebecca the Dominatrix in Leather & Lace

Leather & Lace

Leather & Lace

As I mentioned, my associates and fans have me rethinking my wardrobe.  This little number is very new for me.  I mean, I have never really worn leather anyplace except for in the bedroom and usually it barely covered anything.  I do love the way the cool leather rubs against my bare skin and makes me horny. Usually I also like it stroking against my ass.  There is a problem though with wearing it around the office.  It can get pretty hot because it doesn’t breathe well.  Perhaps you can all help me out.  Is this dress better for the summer or the winter?

Do you guys check out women in your office?  Do you fantasize about the girl in the cubicle next to you?  Do you ever pull out your cock and stroke it under your desk? There is nothing sexier than a man in a custom suit with a little stain in his crotch or a big boner. Maybe a woman in leather will appeal to you. CLICK HERE IF YOU GET BONERS AT WORK.

Is this Dress Appropriate for @Rebeccasoffice ?

WorkattireI love these new clothes that my fans bought be for my new job.  Sometimes I just wonder if the clothes are too sexy.  They are so nice that I know the men just might look at me or even fantasize.  I notice sometimes when I see men in the office, they have huge erections in their pants and sometimes a wet spot.  I try to dress conservative for my office mates and my clients, but as some of my fans have asked, they’d like me to be a little more sexy at the office.  It is not a normal thing for me to do, so let me know what you think of this dress.  Does it work for you?

So could you work for a woman dressed like this at work?  Might it distract you if all the women were sexy at work?  Let me know if you think this is appropriate or inappropriate attire.   CLICK HERE and let me know if I should wear this to work.