Movie Review: Lap Dance – Could you date a stripper?

Lap Dance (2015)

Lap Dance (2014)

I just watched the movie Lap Dance with my boyfriend last night.  He said it was a real turn on and found it very realistic.  He asked me if the movie reflected my feelings and I said yes.  The plot of the movie is okay, but it really is about the relationship of the people that was important to me.  Did he get turned on when saw me go into a VIP room?  Did he seduce me away from my husband in the same way?  Did I feel absolutely nothing when dancing for or being with another man?

I wonder how the average guy would feel watching his woman walk away with another man into a back room.  Oh and yes she goes into the back room with a black man.  I wonder how this movie did in the theaters.

I gave it 2 erections for acting and story but 4.5 erections for relevance to me. I hope the sexiness of the movie gives you a 5 star erection!