Rebecca Takes on Her Black Members and Reveals a Secret

RebeccaBlackAfter my last couple of video and photo updates, many people have written me with comments like, “I thought you liked black guys too” or “Don’t black members get a chance?”  Lol!  Have you all been watching for the last 13 years?  I am definitely a black cock connoisseur.  Moreover, that is how I got started even before Dreamnet.

You see, before I joined Dreamnet, I was already in an open marriage and I met this one gentleman while at a conference in Washington.  He wasn’t with the conference, but we got to talking at the hotel bar.  I didn’t take his advances at first, but he was charming.  Before I knew it, I had had one too many and went back to his room when he invited me.   It was a crazy night.  I was confused when I woke up in the morning and found $300 in an envelope along with his business card.  He had thought I was an escort!

I had already decided that I was going to be on Dreamnet, so after I got on Dreamnet I emailed him and told him I was not an escort, but that I did now have a website.  The crazy thing was that he already knew my whole name and where I worked. So a few months later, he told me he was coming west and that he was enjoying my Website and had told all his friends to join.  They did not believe him when he told them he had fucked me in DC.  So I told him we could meet and take a picture at dinner to prove it.


He already knew my weak spot.  He got me drunk again and took me back to his room.  When we walked in his room he had a couple friends already waiting to get a taste of me and take photos.  Some of you have seen the video from that epic evening.  Now you get to see all the photos they took for the next day where they introduced me to the world of gangbangs.

Yes, my first multiple male experience was not just a gentle introduction, but a very forceful one as you will see from the look on my face.  I was so new to this world and I thoroughly threw caution to the wind!  These black men knew what they wanted and I realized I fueled their desire.  They laughed and said the naughtiest things to me.  What shocked me is those words did not make me scared, but they made me wetter!

So do I like black cock?  Well, take a look at these photos and judge for yourself.  CLICK HERE to see me with black members.



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