@RebeccasOffice Movie Reviews: Ghostbusters

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I really wasn’t sure I wanted to see this movie, but when I had an appointment delayed and found a few hours of free time, I went to see this movie.  I laughed.  Can you imagine me in a theater all alone?  I loved it.  I laughed out loud and even flinched at some of the scary scenes when the ghosts jumped out at me.  This isn’t fine film, but I found it entertaining.  I also thought that all four of the female version of ghostbusters each had their moments.

I hadn’t seen the original in many years so it was nice to see some cameos and then some small funny references to the original movie.  Although I think the original was a better movie and had a better storyline, I think this movie can stand on its own.  I only think that the movie just kind of ended suddenly.  The climactic end just comes up so fast.  It is like there are some scenes that were cut out.

I highly recommend catching this when the movie comes out on video or on-demand.  It probably is almost out of the theaters in most metropolitan areas already.