@RebeccasOffice Wants You To See Her Naughty Cell Phone Videos

Are You Behind Me?

Are You Behind Me?

Okay, I get it!  I keep hearing from some people that they like my videos in Slo-Mo and others like it in regular speed.  Hey this is the age of the internet.  You can do it any way you want.  So I decided that I’d show it in both regular speed and in a slower half time speed.  Who says I don’t give my members the videos the way they want it?

But let’s be truthful.  I know why you guys like it like that.  We know you all masturbate while watching my videos.  I love the thoughts of thousands of men cumming while watching me orgasm pretending that I am your wife or pretending you are the guy giving it to me, or pretending to be the cameraman or both.  My goal every time one of these videos is taken is to make it real and to make you cum.

So this past weekend I had my boy toy take some videos for you while we had sex.  Many of you commented about how they liked that you got current, fresh, mobile video that is unscripted.  What were you doing Saturday night while I was out fucking this hunk of a man, sucking his cock and exploding all over it.  Look how red he made my pussy.  Oh and the way he spanks me.  I love my aggressive lover.

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